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Brodak Shark 402

I just started construction on a Shark 402. It is my second CL kit, the first being a Sig Skyray 35 (actually, I've built 2 Skyrays, 1 stock and one modified). So far, I'm very impressed with the quality. Airfoil is almost identical to the Skyray, but quality and accuracy is much better. I think I could have just put the parts in a box, shook it real good, and a complete wing would have fallen out. The only thing that was a little confusing is that in the first steps of building the wing, it's actually upside down and the instructions aren't really clear on that. Also, I beefed up the bellcrank mount a little. For about $1.00 more than the Skyray, you get lazer cut parts, adjustable leadouts, and adjustable weight box. Haven't flown it yet but seems like it should fly similar to Skyray - same airfiol but fixed flaps added, almost same wing area, same recommended power range.

The Shark 402 is a sport/trainer kit from Brodak Manufacturing. It has a wing span of 42 inches, 402 sq. inches of area, lenght of 29-5/8 inches, and takes a .25 to .35 engine. I was planning on using an FP 20 for power, but unless I can work through the (lack of) power issue with my FP 20, I'm going to use a Brodak 25.


This is a laser cut kit, so accuracy and fit of parts was a lot better than the Skyray. The build is more complicated though, and the instructions weren't as clear as they could be in some areas, especially wing construction. I also felt the stock bellcrank mount could use some beefing up.

The wing went together without much trouble, but I had to think a lot about some of the steps.


More to come...


More to come...


More to come...

Posted February 6, 2007

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