Control Line ramblings for the coming year

My last purchase in 2009 was finally aquiring 2 Sterling kits that I've wanted for a very long time - the Beginner Series Cherokee and Thunder Jet. I'm always amazed by what can be found on EBay. These two kits hold very many fond memories of my youth. Now I just need to find a Cox Babe Bee engine for sale at a good price. Besides the Cherokee and Thunder Jet, I also have an Eindecker, Focke Wulf, Mustang P-51, and Thunderbolt P-47.

Other than some 1/2-A stuff I didn't spend a lot of money on Control Line stuff during the past year. Model trains, my 66 Barracuda, and too many other irons in the fire took all my time and energy and money As always, have fun and please be sure to sign the Guest Book.

Crossing over to the Dark Side - Control Line Navy Carrier

One thing I'd really been hoping to do this summer is build an airplane for Control Line Navy Carrier - another thing that didn't get done. It's just so hard to get excited about building an ugly airplane like the MO-1. I really need to get it done though. Eric Conley was nice enough to let me have a set of plans, so I should really build from them. If I do build a big airplane over the winter, it's definitely going to be the MO-1. Eric flies with our local club and it would be pretty stupid of me not to learn from him. Besides, Carrier looks like a lot of fun, and I've already proved I'm too uncoordinated to fly Stunt. Not that I'd do any better at Carrier, but at least Carrier plans are strong enough that they don't break badly in (most) crashes.

Still A Good Time to be Buying on EBay

If you like model airplane stuff that's outdated and out of production, it's still possible to find . In fact, it's a better time to be buying than it was 6 months ago. There are still a few rare items that go for high prices, but a lot of the other stuff has come way down. Also, lots of stuff is now being sold as "Buy It Now" instead of auctioned. If you've never experienced Ebay, it's a lot of fun and you can find some good deals and neat stuff that's hard to find elsewhere. Just remember that if you're bidding in an auction, don't fall in love with the item and bid too much for it. Also, I think it's best to wait until the last minute to bid. That way someone else can't come along and run your bid up to it's maximum. If you'd like to try it, you can .

Selling on EBay

As good a time as it is to be a buyer on EBay, the same can't be said for selling. Prices that are good for buyers aren't so good for sellers. Although I've had good luck selling on EBay in the past, lately I've noticed few watchers and fewer bidders - even on items you'd expect to fetch a good price (not to say that some items still don't do well - vintage Sterling RC kits for example). In addition, EBay has recently made some policy changes that aren't good for sellers. Insertion and final value fees have gone up, and now they pretty much forbid you from accepting checks or money orders as payment. For items that don't have high collector demand, I think you're better off just posting them to Stuka Stunt or RC Universe and saving yourself EBay's fees and hassles.

The Dance

It is with but a touch that you come alive...

I run to seek your control so that you can lift to be where you belong with me...

I raise my hand to show we're ready; We are one, to do what we are destined to do.

With the accuracy of a machine and the grace of weightless snow, we perform the beauty only we can know.

Together we climb to the stars and attack the ending ground.

Then turn away and laugh with joy at the shouting of the crowd.

We dance the circles and leap away to another part of time.

We spin and loop and blow 'em away; Because it is we who love to fly.

And now it's time to end this dance which lasts just moments and dies.

Thus I bring you down to touch the ground as graceful as you fly.

Author Unknown

Updated November 10, 2009

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