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The following links are ones that I have found useful. If you have a Control Line site you would like added to this page please email the link to ken<>silk-n-dope<>com (replace first <> with @ and second with . ).


The Acadamy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is the official national body for model aviation in the United States. Members receive a monthly subscription to Model Aviation, supplemental personal liability insurance for incidents related to flying activities, and other benefits. If you fly, you really should join AMA.

The Miniature Aircraft Combat Association is the recognized special interest group for Control-Line Combat. We exist to promote the sport of control-line combat in all of its forms, by dissemination of information through our newsletter, web site, and other means, and through its affiliation with the AMA and other organizations.

The Model Engine Collectors Association promotes the interests of model engine collecting as a recreational, educational, and historic recording activity.

The National Control Line Racing Association (NCLRA) is the official AMA recognized special interest group for Control Line Racing.

The Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association (PAMPA) is an organization of approximately 2500 members in 35 countries, whose common interest is model airplanes, specifically the kind that fly tethered on control lines, and perform STUNTS. The models are often very beautiful, and are carefully constructed from traditional materials like balsa wood, silkspan, and dope. Top models are beautifully finished and extremely light and strong for their size. The purpose of PAMPA is to promote and improve control line precision aerobatics events.

Online Resources

Flying Models Magazine has excellent monthly articles and tips on a variety of model airplane topics. In addition, they sell books and plans.

Stuka Stuntworks is the best place I've found on the web to get information on topics related to Stunt flying. They have an excellent forum and classified section. Current and past National Champion flyers post regulary.

Stunt Hangar is a newer web site that also has excellent forums.


Black Hawk Models makes reproductions of many of the old Scientific 1/2-A kits and some larger control line kits as well. Lots of interesting models on their web site.

Brodak Manufacturing has a very complete line of Control Line kits and Accessories. They even have their own line of Stunt engines. In addition to their own products, they also offer merchandise from many other manufacturers.

Fox Manufacturing makes excellent Control Line motors. Their .35 Stunt has been in continuos production longer than any other model airplane engine. In addition to motors, their online store offers kits and other merchandise from various vendors, often at a substantial discount compared to other vendors.

Larry Richards makes beautiful, hand cut reproductions of early Veco kits, as well as a series of 33" span profile warbirds.

RSM Distribution makes very nice laser cut kits of Classic stunt models. Many of their designs are legal for Classic or Old Time Stunt.

Sam's Stuff and Hobbies has a complete line of Brodak and Sig products with the best pricing and customer service I've found. Real nice people to deal with.

My Other Sites

control-line.blogspot.com is my journal of learning to fly Control Line Stunt.

www.buhs-alumni.org is an Alumni site that I maintain for alumni of Bishop Union High School.

www.deboy.cc has information about restoring my 1964 Valiant station wagon and 1966 Barracuda.

www.deboy.org is intended as a resource site for families in Northern Nevada or anywhere.

www.kdeboy.com has lots of useful information for anyone interested in buying or selling property in Reno or Sparks.

www.sci-fun.com contains information on microcontrollers and other electronic devices.

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