Senior Telemaster

Carolina Custom Kits Senior TelemasterOne of the iconic R/C kits when I was growing up was the Hobby Lobby Senior Telemaster. I never got one because (a) it was too big and (b) I couldn’t afford it. I mostly stuck with 1/2-A and sailplanes in those days. About a year ago I decided I wanted one and started looking. Hobby Lobby (the R/C store, not the crafts store) was out of business. I found a cottage company selling the Senior Telemaster under the Hobby Lobby name, but the web site went down before I was ready to buy. Some months later, I found it being sold under the Boss Hobbies brand. I waited too long again and Boss Hobbies disappeared. So last week, I looked for the Senior Telemaster again, and found it at Carolina Custom Kits. OK, this time I’m not waiting – I ordered one.

The new, improved Senior Telemaster

The original Senior Telemaster was a big airplane with an 8 foot wing span and very light weight construction. That big wing is was a big problem – it takes up too much room in my garage and it won’t fit in the back of my full size pickup. The new Senior Telemaster from Carolina Custom solved that problem by redesigning the wing into two 4 foot panels. It also attaches with nylon bolts instead of rubber bands like the original. Other improvements over the original Telemaster are removable tail surfaces and laser cut parts.

My kit was ordered yesterday, and I was told to expect about 1 to 2 week lead time. I can’t wait to get it and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I’m going to use e-power on my Telemaster, and the radio will probably be an FrSky Taranis with a UHF rf module. This will be my first basla RC airplane in a long time and I’m really looking forward to it.